RSST Law Group understands our clients’ business needs and is committed to offering comprehensive services that compliment employers’ existing legal obligations.

As outside counsel, we regularly consult with clients on matters that extend beyond specific cases and provide a holistic approach to our representation.  Our services help streamline processes, create efficient workflows, standardize practices, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Immigration Support & Training Services

RSST Law Group provides value-added services, which enhance our relationship with our business clients through the implementation of consistent practices and procedures and through employer training.  We keep abreast of all relevant changes in existing policies and procedures implemented by the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Labor, Justice and State and advise on how any such changes impact our business clients and their foreign-born employees.  We also offer training to our business clients in relevant areas of immigration law.  Ongoing education and training is often provided through presentations at the client site with appropriate company personnel.  Past trainings topics have included Immigration Overviews, the PERM Labor Certification Process, Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Options, Post F-1 Visa Options, and I-9 Compliance.

Additionally, our attorneys are available to review your corporate structure, scope of operations and management structure in order to identify exposure and develop comprehensive, organization-wide policies and best-practices that will preemptively deal with any foreseeable immigration-related issues. 

Our attorneys provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Hiring & Immigration Policies;
  • H-1B Public Access File Audit Policies;
  • Training policies for HR / Recruiters;
  • Social Security No-Match Letter Policies;
  • Policies for responding to government inquiries; and
  • Document Retention Policies.

Compliance, Investigation and Enforcement

With regard to Worksite Enforcement & Compliance matters, we offer a range of business immigration services to employers that extend beyond traditional employment-based immigration sponsorship. 

Employers face numerous challenges to remain in compliance with the myriad of laws, statutes, rules, codes, and regulations pertaining to the hiring and employment verification of employees, and the resulting paperwork obligations.  We work with employers to proactively develop best practices and to reduce exposure and liability should they be the subject of a worksite action or audit. 

Our attorneys provide advice, counseling and representation in the following areas:

  • I-9 Training and I-9 Compliance Programs;
  • I-9 Audits;
  • Wage & Hour and internal Public Access File Audits;
  • E-Verify;
  • ICE Investigations and Raids;
  • Removal Defense; and
  • Subcontractor Agreements.

Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions and other Corporate Restructuring

There are numerous potential immigration consequences of a corporate restructuring that impact both the acquiring employer and the target company’s foreign national employees.  These range from the possible inheritance of immigration violations and assumption of immigration-related obligations to employees having legal status or work authorization issues.

Our attorneys are experienced at counseling employers on the immigration ramifications of a change of ownership or other corporate change or business restructuring.  We assess and advise on the impact of layoffs and other corporate changes on the foreign national employees, as well as a company’s continued obligations and liabilities.

We offer advice on the development of merger and acquisition best practices and assess successor liabilities in the following areas:

  • Target company’s workforce, I-9 records and employment policies to identify immigration-related concerns;
  • Impact of layoffs and other corporate changes;
  • Impact on nonimmigrant visa cases;
  • Impact on permanent residence cases;
  • Wage & Hour Public Access File Obligations;
  • H-1B Dependency; and
  • I-9 Record Obligations.